by Lo.Krain

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Music album in Book format with songs, musical notes, lyrics and illustrations. Book is available on iBooks Store for free.


released May 19, 2015




Lo.Krain город Новосибирск, Russian Federation

Novosibirsk, RU

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Track Name: Life Is A Dream
I'm in love, i'm alive, i'm a little weirdo
Dreaming on, flying high, I'm a perfect quietness
I'm a mountain in the sun, pretty cloud in the sky
Raining all day

O-o-o-o what do we live for ?

I'm a boy, i'm a little liar
Running around the hills, I'm a king of plywood
I'm a girl in the hat, with the flowers in my hand
Dreaming all day

O-o-o-o, what do we live for ?

One, two, three, four, five
Track Name: Strangers
I'm walking around, looking around at the strangers
I'm a boy, one little boy needs to hide somewhere
I feel like i'm lost, breath like a ghost
Hold by the hand with my own shadow
Every man and every woman looks so sad
Every man and every woman might feel so bad

I have lost my love in the someone's dream
I have lost my love, I will find it...
I've lost my life in the august's hills
I have lost my dream, I will find it...
Track Name: Charlie
All the dreams came back again to me
Charlie! Dreaming is a good place for our living
Track Name: Someone's In Trouble
Somewhere someone has problems
Somewhere someone's in trouble
But if you feel so bad you'll find me here
In the sound of the dream you once had
Track Name: We're Sorry
We dream alone, we sleep alone, we'll never let our dream come true
We don't understand what all the world needs from you
We're dreamers of a dreaming and we're living in our fantasy
We don't understand what all the world needs us to be

We're sorry for dreaming on
We're sorry for our hopes and love
We're sorry for feeling sad
We're sorry for our useless heads
Track Name: Save Our Hearts
Kill the rules on fire
Like your heart feels again
Let the world find us
With our hearts beating again and again

Kill the rules on fire
Like your heart is dancing
Let the world find us
With our love breathing again and again
Track Name: People
People, if… somebodу... love me
People, if… somebody... need me

Love, love

People, if… somebody... help me
People, if… somebody... please me

Please, please, please, please
Track Name: Little Fishes
Hi, little fishes
Hi, and I've been missing you
For your love, for all the good you do
I've been living alone but I can change
Little fishes, help me on and on

Hi, little fishes
I've got a wish
I love you all
Track Name: We Live, We Love
We live, we love
We care, we trust
We're part of the world you create

We live, we die
We care, we try
We're part of the world you create

Do you care ?
Track Name: Addicted To You
I guess you're frightened
In your eyes I can see enough
You'll never hide it from my eyes
I feel you like no one else

Addicted to your sweet love

And I'll find my way cause I do it everyday with your blessing
World has enough
I know
Track Name: Charlie's Dream
With my army I will travel the world
Like kings we'll own the treasures and gold

Charlie, do you hear me?

With my pirates I will sail the seas
We will find the cure for all diseases

Charlie, will you join me?
Track Name: Ships Are Coming Home
Ships are coming home, I let the wind blow
Days are running out in empty holes
Days are running, I am floating to the North
I became a new different man

Ships float, wind blows all around and away
Ships float, waves grow all around
All around and away...
Track Name: We've Met So Long Ago
We've met so long ago
You've slept on my pillow
We've had so long road
And finally we are home